About Me.

Dear, Readers

Hello, my name is Michael but I go “Wyatt”. First I live in the U.S.A. My favorite hobbies are : YouTube, Video Games, basically anything technology related. I’m not a big active person, I am usually inside. I love animals Dogs, Cats, I love animals. I was born in a hospital. I don’t play sports often but my favorite is Baseball.

My family has my 2 siblings, my parents, and my grandmother. both sisters are older, so I am the youngest. My Birthday is June 2nd. I moved once (Not very far and not stating where). My Grandfather did not die too long ago in September, It was near his birthday when he died. and thats about it about me and my family. Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment 😀

Sincerely, Me (Michael/Wyatt)

7 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. G’day Michael/Wyatt,
    Is Wyatt your middle name? Is there a reason you use that name?
    My surname is Wyatt so I am always interested whenever anyone uses that name.

      1. Hi Wyatt,
        I am very well thanks. It is going to be very hot here today (29C) so I am staying inside and taking part in an online global education conference for the next four days.

  2. Hi Wyatt,
    We are having our hottest spell in 127 years, 7 days straight over 27C during November.
    The conference was the Global Education Conference with people from all over the world presenting. I was in there helping volunteer as a moderator, but I listened to some great sessions.

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